Privacy statement

for the APP ATOSS HR Augmented Reality

Thank you for your interest in our Augmented Reality App. This app was developed on behalf of ATOSS Software AG by Augmented Minds - Ambrus & Lonau GbR (

Data security and data protection is an important concern for us, which we take into account in all our business processes. The following data protection information is intended for the users of the App.

In this Privacy Statement the following definitions apply:

"App" means the coded symbol or icon, including the software contained therein, by which a user can access important information and functions from the Augmented Reality App. The app appears on the smartphone or tablet after downloading.

"ATOSS" means the ATOSS Group company referred to as the provider of the App.

"User" means an identified or identifiable natural person who uses the App, for example as an employee of a company.

Note on gender neutrality: The chosen wording applies without restriction to the other genders.


ATOSS Software AG
Rosenheimer Straße 141 h
81671 München

Data protection officer of ATOSS is

Dr. Maximilian Hoffmann, LL.M. (UCT)
c/o ATOSS Software AG
Rosenheimer Str. 141 h
81671 München


When you use the App, the IP address and other technical characteristics, such as the requested content (Art. 6 lit. b) DSGVO) are temporarily collected. No personal data is stored or collected within the App unless the User gives the authorization.


Only authorisations that are absolutely necessary for the function of the app are requested. If one of the authorisations is denied by the user, not all functions of the app may be fully available. The app supports the operating systems iOS and Android and requires the following authorisations:

Internet communication
The app requires access to the Internet - via WLAN or mobile - to retrieve content and import updates.

Access purpose
Needed to generate the augmented reality functions.
Can personal data be accessed?

Access purpose
The app requires access to the microphone as far as a retrieval of audio files by the end user is concerned. There is no voice communication of the end user into the app.
Can personal data be accessed?


With regard to the processing of personal data, data subjects, i.e. the users, have the following rights against ATOSS as the data controller pursuant to Article 4 Number 7 GDPR:

Upon request, ATOSS must inform a data subject in accordance with the statutory provisions whether and which personal data on the data subject, i.e. the User, are stored and, if applicable, for what purpose they are processed and/or used (Article 15 GDPR). If the information is not correct or if the data subject, i.e. the User, wishes for other reasons to have his or her personal data rectified (Article 16 GDPR) or erased (Article 17 GDPR) or to have the processing restricted (Article 18 GDPR) or to receive the personal data relating to him or her (Article 20 GDPR), data subject must make this request to ATOSS. At the same time, he or she can also object to the processing of personal data under the statutory provisions (Article 21 GDPR).

Finally, without prejudice to the aforementioned rights, the data subject, i.e. the User, may lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority if he or she considers that the processing of personal information relating to him or her infringes the regulations of the GDPR (Article 77 GDPR).


We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Statement from time to time and to update it in the light of changes in the collection, processing or use of data. The current version of the Privacy Statement is available within the app.